Orochi – Dog Walking and Photography solutions for wheelchairs

What is Orochi?

Orochi provides a hands-free, no-worry solution to wheelchair users for enhanced outdoor experiences. Above all, we believe that it should never be a hassle to do the things you love. That’s why we created attachments that allow you to walk your furry, four-legged friends and capture photos on your journeys, while still maintaining full control of your wheelchair.

You can help support this prototype by going to their kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2135691280/orochi-dog-walking-and-photography-solutions-for-w

*All Orochi sciLeash & MobileMount pictured and in videos are working prototypes. The production versions will contain more details and finishing.

Orochi sciLeash Features

There are two options for the Orochi sciLeash:

  • 6061 Aluminum Base: lightweight with strength and durability. The finishing will have two options: gloss white or gloss black
  • Carbon Fiber Base: 3x lighter than aluminum. The tubing uses a twill wrap design and a high gloss finish.

Product Features

  • A 360-degree rotating adapter holds the retractable leashes apart from the main base to unwind twisted lines without having to take off the hooks.
  • Rewards come with Flexi leashes, but the sciLeash adapter is compatible with any retractable leash brand on the market with an inner handle width of 3-inches.
  • A rotating C-Clamp on an Adjustable Clamp Bracket gives versatility to mounting on either side and on different types of frames (rigid, tapered, folding, etc.).
  • A Hook Bracket anchors the base to the footrest frame tubing.
  • For safety & emergencies, a Quick-Release Pin is pulled to separate the leash holding adapter to prevent pulling and dragging the wheelchair.
  • A Ratchet Joint is used to fold the Orochi for easy storage and transport.

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    cool blog


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      Delmar, Thank you. Please come on back.


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