Kingii emergency wristband inflates to save wearers from drowning

Since summer is approaching and everyone is heading down to the shore.

Everyone knows it’s possible to drown in even shallow and calm waters, but some people choose not to wear a life jacket since it’s not too fashionable, especially if it’s hot and they are too cool for school during the holidays.

Well a group of individuals based out in Gridley California are raising money on Indiegogo to put the safety device into production, and have seen phenomenal demand, raising almost over $630,000.00 and hopefully have it in the hands of consumers and supporters of this start-up.

It’s a non-invasive wristband that deploys a buoyant balloon on demand to save wearers from drowning called Kingii (pronounced like “kin-jii“) .

Scroll down for video 

  • Kingii wristband device claims to be the world’s smallest inflatable
  • Contains a balloon that inflates when a lever triggers a CO2 cylinder
  • Device inflates in one second and is 78 times less bulky than a life jacket
  • Kingii can be pre-ordered via Indiegogo from $69 

The portable flotation device, named Kingii, is claimed to the world’s smallest inflatable to make activities such as sailing and surfing safer.


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