The Kazbrella

Check out this revolutionary umbrella that’s drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces. The much needed redesign of the umbrella!

It’s called Kazbrella based in the UK that came up with this unique design that turns the umbrella inside out. This design comes from KAZ Designs, which recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign getting over 3,300 backers from all over the world from over 50 countries like Australia, Malaysia, United States, New Zealand, Asia and many more.


The KAZbrella folds upward to close, so the top of the umbrella is on the inside of the collapsed shape. It actually looks like any other umbrella when it’s closed, but the designers say it’s considerably more convenient than a traditional umbrella. One of the benefits is that it won’t drip all over the place when you close it after use compared to other umbrellas.

Check out the video below to see how it opens and closes.

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